Packing Tips from Toddlers

Dear Friends, I am on vacation.  Real vacation.  As in, sitting at the beach, drinking beer before noon, baring my belly to the elements vacation.  (While hacking away at my never-finished-masters-thesis in quiet moments, of course, but vacation nonetheless). So as much as I miss talking to you all, I’ve decided to take the week off.  I’ve got lots of posts all bottled up in … Continue reading Packing Tips from Toddlers

Summer Vacation Blues

Those of you with small children (or those for whom the passage of time has not yet blotted out the memories of hard times of having small children) will understand how sometimes a vacation is not really a vacation. And those of you with the sort of jobs that don’t recognize the forty-hour workweek (or those for whom the accumulation of massive amounts of vacation … Continue reading Summer Vacation Blues

I miss running in the dark.

One of the best things about being home is getting back into my running routine.  A short run and a long run on the weekends, the just long enough 4.5-mile dark of the morning once or twice during the week. I started running when I was twelve or thirteen, plodding along next to my marathoner dad on the view-laden roads of the neighborhoods up around … Continue reading I miss running in the dark.