I Like Big Thighs.

I like big thighs. Big bottoms too. And wide, firm hips, strong calves, and powerful cores. But mostly, right now, it’s the thighs that have me thinking. If you read this blog regularly, you probably know that I’ve got some hangups about my body, and some issues with what constitutes beautiful in this unique (though maybe not abnormal) culture of Los Angeles where I’ve spent … Continue reading I Like Big Thighs.

Oatmeal at Dawn

This week I became a bad mother. That indestructible golden thread that holds everything together, woven from the strength of motherhood, finally began to fray, finally has proven itself not so indestructible after all. It started a few weeks ago when the stomach flu and a day care cold turned into a touch of pneumonia (a scary word for all parents, but especially for us), … Continue reading Oatmeal at Dawn

I miss running in the dark.

One of the best things about being home is getting back into my running routine.  A short run and a long run on the weekends, the just long enough 4.5-mile dark of the morning once or twice during the week. I started running when I was twelve or thirteen, plodding along next to my marathoner dad on the view-laden roads of the neighborhoods up around … Continue reading I miss running in the dark.