I Feel the Earth Move (sleep, no sleep)

Getting out of the shower this morning (while my child screamed in my husband’s milk-less chest), I felt the earth shift beneath me. I live in Los Angeles, so I’m pretty much always on high alert for an earthquake, even more so since the quakes last week in Japan and Ecuador. Throw in the Mexican volcano and something big and seismic seems definitely afoot. LA … Continue reading I Feel the Earth Move (sleep, no sleep)

40 Weeks

This morning at 6:45 sharp I heard my daughter jump out of bed. She chattered a while and putzed around in her bedroom, climbed onto her dresser to feed her fish, put some of her stuffies back to sleep in their own little beds, then stomped down the stairs and into bed with me (dad was there too, but morning snuggles have been all about the girls … Continue reading 40 Weeks

The Limits of Patience (38/39 weeks)

We are as ready as we’ll ever be. My husband, playing games of speed chess with projects and deadlines at work, trying to keep his calendar limber enough to accommodate a last minute retreat to an internet-free maternity ward. My daughter, asking more times every day when baby brother will be here, sleeping less hours each night as her anxiety creeps up and into her … Continue reading The Limits of Patience (38/39 weeks)

I’m not disabled, I’m pregnant. (36 weeks)

On my first day of leave I took a nap, took a prenatal yoga class (my first of this pregnancy), and took another nap. On my second day of leave, I did the Sunday crossword puzzle (because really, who can do the Sunday crossword on Sunday when you have a four-year-old jumping all over the sofa you’re attempting to recline on?), ordered swaddling blankets and … Continue reading I’m not disabled, I’m pregnant. (36 weeks)

Controlled Chaos and Contractions (35 weeks)

I’m a planner. A compulsive planner, actually. An obsessive, compulsive, list-making planner attempting to control my world at every turn. In some ways this tendency has been a positive force in my life. My ability to plan for every possibility without so much as batting an eyelash has made me an expert administrator in my career, and my ability to maximize every moment of every … Continue reading Controlled Chaos and Contractions (35 weeks)