Take a Seat (31 weeks)

So the deal with working from home while semi-laid-up and super-duper-pregnant? Not very much fun. Not exciting. Not relaxing. Not pleasant or refreshing or a nice change of pace. Just work, mealtimes, work. Maybe some mid-afternoon stretching. Sometimes the solitude is broken by a text from the office or a last minute request to jump onto a conference call, sometimes by my husband coming out … Continue reading Take a Seat (31 weeks)

Gearing Up and Gearing Down (30 weeks)

On Monday, my office reopened for the new year. Students are returning with their suitcases, faculty are opening up their emails for the first time in weeks, administrative offices are scrambling to meet start of term deadlines and expectations. Everything is getting back in gear, and yet I am gearing down. I celebrated New Year’s Eve with an unplanned trip to the doctor, hooked up … Continue reading Gearing Up and Gearing Down (30 weeks)