The Middle Path (28 weeks)

The biggest argument my husband and I have every time we move doesn’t have to do with money or curtain rods, where to put the sofa or who’s carrying the heaviest (literal and metaphorical) load. It has to do with our daughter’s giant plastic playhouse. We didn’t actually purchase this massive pile of BPA, but inherited it from my parents (sorry mom and dad) when … Continue reading The Middle Path (28 weeks)

War is over, if you want it (27 weeks)

I’ve been going about this in entirely the wrong way. When I was pregnant for the first time, I was determined not to become one of those parents who complains all the time about being a parent. “Poor me, I never get to go out anymore, I never get to sleep anymore, I never get to have an uninterrupted adult conversation anymore. Boo hoo hoo. … Continue reading War is over, if you want it (27 weeks)