Pregnant Pause (22 weeks)

Last week I was fat. This week I’m just downright pregnant. Really, really pregnant. Swelling feet, bulbous belly, achy back, well greased tear ducts. I think it’s no coincidence that my hardcore attack of pregnancy should hit the same week that we are finally giving birth to the beginnings of our new life, in our new house. Now that the deed is done, the moving van pulled away, the borrowed keys returned to the former (and last!) landlady, the feeling is less of a goodbye to our little family of three and more of a hello to our soon to be family of four. Less about bracing for impact and more about embracing joy.

There is much to do (and my computer just barely plugged in). This week will be nothing if not brief. Just a few words to share my gratitude, and my surprise that the gratitude still manages to surface amidst all the great pregnant exhaustion.

It feels so good to be home.

I Own This Place


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