Pregnant Pause (22 weeks)

Last week I was fat. This week I’m just downright pregnant. Really, really pregnant. Swelling feet, bulbous belly, achy back, well greased tear ducts. I think it’s no coincidence that my hardcore attack of pregnancy should hit the same week that we are finally giving birth to the beginnings of our new life, in our new house. Now that the deed is done, the moving … Continue reading Pregnant Pause (22 weeks)

Fat (21 weeks)

I have a hard time gaining weight. I don’t mean physically, of course – my running obsession has its roots in what was a heartbreaking late-twenties metabolic shift that made putting on weight about as easy as opening the refrigerator door. I mean I have a hard time gaining weight mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in all the other ways available that might make my fattening … Continue reading Fat (21 weeks)