Mom at Work (20 weeks)

Portrait of me as a professional woman: running the meeting in high-heeled booties and a tailored dress; leather bound iPad in one hand, shiny travel mug latte in the other, brown leather tote keeping all my handouts clean and in order; hair tousled to perfection, skin blotted to natural matte, shiny red lips; articulate to a T. Portrait of me as a mother to a … Continue reading Mom at Work (20 weeks)

Take it or leave it (18 weeks)

I dreamt the other night that I was pregnant with four children. Not quadruplets, but four separate children in four separate embryos, each due one month after the other. I was initially shocked, then horrified to have become a real life science fiction movie, then just plain worried – worried about how my body would handle all those births, how it would support so many … Continue reading Take it or leave it (18 weeks)

Tuck Me In (17 weeks)

It wasn’t until my sixteen-week visit (which involved surprisingly more testing and checking than I had remembered or anticipated) that my OB finally came out with the truth – the second time sucks. Or to be more specific, with each successive pregnancy comes progressively more discomfort, due both to physical factors and basic “your life is just harder now” factors. More round ligament pain, less … Continue reading Tuck Me In (17 weeks)