In Praise of Partners (ps: I love you Moonbear)

There is no education in gender role conditioning like the one you get upon giving birth to a girl. And I’m not talking pink or princesses, though that’s a part of it. I’m talking about mom, or me as mother, or what the role of me as mother conjures up in expectations and in reenactments, and the constant struggle to understand that nature versus nurture … Continue reading In Praise of Partners (ps: I love you Moonbear)

I Like Big Thighs.

I like big thighs. Big bottoms too. And wide, firm hips, strong calves, and powerful cores. But mostly, right now, it’s the thighs that have me thinking. If you read this blog regularly, you probably know that I’ve got some hangups about my body, and some issues with what constitutes beautiful in this unique (though maybe not abnormal) culture of Los Angeles where I’ve spent … Continue reading I Like Big Thighs.