Give Me The Cure

My runs this weekend made up for every run I’ve missed over the last two months.  No more complaining – as usual, Marin County has cured me of all of my woes.

This is what I saw at the beginning of the run:

And this is what I saw at the end of the run:

And this is what I saw through all the miles in between (for which I have no photos because I was busy running):  giant wild turkeys, wetlands and meadows and vast ocean views, moss covered bridges over fern filled streams, squat rolling hills the color of sage and caramel (which I believe is an ice cream flavor at the Fairfax Farmers market), and (though I know this isn’t keeping with the Bay Area theme) earbuds pounding Fugazi to keep me on pace through those long, slow inclines.

Could there possibly be a more satisfying place to retire a pair of running shoes?


5 thoughts on “Give Me The Cure

    1. Yeah, every so often I find myself running through a Nike ad, and this was definitely one of those times. I’m jealous of myself now that I’m back to hopping up and down on the sidewalk, breathing exhaust fumes and waiting for the traffic light to change… Too bad we can’t all have landscapes like this one in our own backyards!


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