Art School (or, my slow decline into suburban momhood)

My parents showed up to my art school graduation just in time to catch me finishing off a joint in front of the writers’ building.  That should sum it up, but there’s more.  The processional was a parade of costumes and nudity and debauchery not heretofore seen, a cornucopia of bongs carved from fruit travelled the graduate seating area like the wave through stands of … Continue reading Art School (or, my slow decline into suburban momhood)

Expired ID

This week was the first week of classes for the spring semester.  New beginnings, new people, new professors, new class schedules.  I, too, am new this semester, or at least newly returned to the pursuit of yet another advanced degree (without those letters after my name I suppose I’d be like a car salesman riding a bicycle).  What’s really new this time around, though, is … Continue reading Expired ID

It’s okay if she wears pink.

It used to be so easy for me to self identify as a feminist.  Ten years ago I knew nothing about feminist theory, exhibited no form of activism, and knew nothing about the contemporary or historical feminist movements, but I was determined that my feminist stripes could not be questioned.  I lived alone and I liked living alone.  I didn’t need a man to hammer … Continue reading It’s okay if she wears pink.